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Heal Your Relationship With Money So You Can Create Lasting Abundance For Yourself & Others

Learn the new way to rewire your money beliefs, heal your financial legacy, learn to trust money, and build the foundation for lasting wealth.

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More money won’t solve your problems.

75% of women making $250K or more a year still don’t feel in control of their money.*

“If I just made more money, then I’d be secure and could finally relax.”

It feels like becoming a high-earner will give you access to financial peace, but according to the evidence, it just ain’t so. You might hustle to pay off your debt or finally cross that 6-figure, multi6-figure, or even 7-figure mark only to find that at 3 a.m. there’s still a knot in your stomach accompanied by circular worrying about it all falling apart — not being able to pay your mortgage or feed your kids, let alone pay a team or for college. We were not put on this earth to spend our lives worrying about money.

More than ever…

  • Women feel out of control and anxious when it comes to money (even when they’re high earners)
  • Job security, the economy, and government leaders feel less and less stable and trustworthy
  • Women still make a heck of a lot less than men for doing the same work (77 cents on the dollar for White women, 64 cents on the dollar for Black women, 54 cents on the dollar for Latin women, and 51 cents on the dollar for Native American women)
  • Women are living longer than men and managing the household finances 85% of the time, but aren’t involved in long-term planning
    Women don’t feel confident when it comes to money (even though the data says we tend to be naturally good with it!)
  • Despite working on our mindsets and money management, we find ourselves in the same patterns of over-spending, under-earning, or cycling in an out of debt while never feeling like we’re making progress towards are long-term financial goals


Thousands Around the Globe Are Paying Off Debt, Implementing Systems that Serve Them, Increasing Their Income, and Calling In Abundance In a New Way Without Working Themselves Into the Ground

What’s the new way?
Getting into a relaxed state around money.

You never know what life will throw at you. The economy is all over the place. Inflation’s at an all-time high. The recession may be upon us.

But you know what’s never been proven to help us thrive financially? Stress and worry.

You know what does help us make the most of the opportunities we have…and even manifest more? Learning to be in a state of relaxation.

When you know how to relax when it comes to money, you can navigate whatever you encounter (challenging client situations, layoffs, market volatility, divorce) with all of your wits about you, with the ability to make smart, powerful decisions, and with the capacity to take aligned action.

When you learn how to cultivate a relationship of relaxation with your money, you can live in abundance peacefully everyday knowing you have what you need and you can get access to more anytime.

When You Do the Inner Work Around Money, Your Outer Financial Reality Changes, and You Actually Get to Enjoy It

Most people start with the outer work–your financial systems around money–and wonder why they can’t get their outer results to stick or why they still feel anxious (like the women making $250K+ who don’t feel in control).

When you do the deep inner work to rewire your brain and heal your nervous system surrounding money, then integrate loving financial systems, you can stay in a positive cycle of attracting money and knowing what to do with it.

Inner Work

  • Excavating your money story and consciously re-writing it
  • Updating your money mindset so that you’re taking powerful, aligned action that gets results
  • Re-wiring your brain and nervous system so your new, prosperous habits become automatic
  • Learning to work with your emotions (instead of ignoring them or letting them hijack you) so that they’re fueling, instead of thwarting, your financial dreams

Outer Work

  • Aligning your spending with what really matters
  • Making money part of your spiritual practice
  • Infusing fun and pleasure into all things financial
  • Seeing money everywhere through the eyes of opportunity and service

The Inner Work Matters and Energetics Matters. The Outer Work and Financial Systems Matter.

All pieces of the puzzle must be in place if you want to have plenty of money and feel calm and at peace with your financial reality.


Relaxed Money is a 14-part live, online program that teaches you to remain in a state of relaxation around money so you can become a magnet for inevitable abundance.

Inside, you’ll upgrade your money mindset, create new emotional blueprints around money, heal your nervous system in relation to receiving and expanding, put practical financial systems in place, and so much more.

This is for ambitious people who want to make, grow, save, and give more money while feeling calm and trusting.

  • For entrepreneurs who want to feel relaxed while growing their revenue.
  • For executives who want to trust themselves with money.
  • For creatives who want to know they can always take care of themselves and their families with surplus.
  • For leaders in the home who want to pass along a healthy money legacy to their kids.

Relaxed Money will help you:

  • Clarify what you do and do not have agency over so you can break free from inherited money patterns that are within your control (like thinking “I’ll never be good with money”) and not pass them along to the next generation.
  • Expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive and savor abundance so that you become an energetic match for continued and expanded prosperity and pleasure.
  • Create financial systems that are actually fun to maintain and set you up to really trust yourself with money.
  • Set and get on track with short and long-term financial goals.

Here’s what Relaxed Money includes:

  1. 14 Live and Interactive Modules Taught by Kate
  2. Course Content Access For One Year
  3. An Online Community, Open 24/7
  4. Monthly Group Coaching with Kate and/or Support Coaches
  5. Monthly Live Nervous System Healing Sessions with our Resident Practitioner, Tele Darden

Part One: The Inner Work

  1. Module 1

    Your Money Mindset And The Cycle Of Reality Creation

    Uncover the conscious and, most importantly, unconscious money beliefs that are keeping you from being in charge of your money (while growing it) and get you on the path to creating a financial reality that’s in alignment with your desires. Discover how you can use your energy and agency to consciously create the money reality you desire instead of unconsciously living out past programming.

  2. Module 2

    Money and the Nervous System: Expanding Your Range of Resonance

    Your body has a set point for how much abundance you feel safe experiencing, and this set point overrides the actions you take. Fortunately, you can change the setting through specific practices that will first help you feel safe, and then expand your capacity to experience financial abundance. (They expand your ability to experience joy, calm, and pleasure too!)

  3. Module 3

    Embodied Money Energetics: Using Your Body As A Tuning Fork for Abundance

    Learn how to use your body as an energy conductor to magnetize abundance. Did you know that according to quantum physics all matter, including your body, is simply energy? When we change our emotional and nervous system state from one of constriction to relaxation, we also change our energetic vibration. When we change our vibration, we show up in the world completely differently, and we attract and create new, abundant experiences.

  4. Module 4

    Alchemizing Your Money Story Into A Wealthy Present and Future, No Matter What Your Past Holds

    Your history with money will continue to create your present and future unless you consciously interrupt the pattern. We’ll first lay the foundations of understanding your money story and using it to rewire and rewrite a new money story. Then we’ll build on it so you can alchemize your money story into something truly beautiful that you’re proud of and excited to continue to write every day.

  5. Module 5

    Metabolizing Emotions To Set You Free

    Burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion aren’t always a result of having too much to do. A leading cause of these feelings is actually being conditioned to stuff your emotions and not metabolize them properly. You know what can bring up a lot of emotions? Money! We’ll learn a variety of techniques to productively metabolize your emotions so that you free yourself from financial fear, overwhelm, anxiety and avoidance.

  6. Module 6

    Cultivating An Abundant State of Being to Create an Abundant Experience of Life

    How we do things matters just as much, if not more, than what we do. We’ll make a map of the tasks, financial professionals, accounts, income streams, assets, liabilities, and everything else that goes into our financial lives and infuse the way we move through it with an abundant state of being. And don’t worry: this is practical stuff, not just energetics. You’ll learn how you can upgrade your state of being in daily, doable, and practical ways that upgrade your finances.

  7. Module 7

    Real, Unbridled Financial Power, and How to Step Into it

    Making or having the most money doesn’t necessarily give you the most financial power. Something else does. And the good news is you can access it no matter the state of your bank account or balance sheet. Imagine what would be possible for you if you knew you had access to financial power 24/7 and how to use it to create the life you want. After this module you’ll be able to step into that power.

  8. Module 8

    Abundance Agreements

    We waste so much time and energy on deliberating about what to do in our financial life. What should we spend on? Should I invest first or build up my savings first? Should I pay off my debt or put money away for college? When you have Abundance Agreements, though, you have a clear decision matrix and guide to follow in your entire financial life. The clarity is magnetic to more money and greater opportunities and ease!

Client Success Stories

  1. “Money has always been a source of stress for me. I joined Relaxed Money to heal my relationship with money with my husband/business partner, and I am so glad I did. Thanks to the course, we’ve opened up communication about our finances, and I’ve learned nervous system healing tools that have been life-changing. Now, I feel much calmer and more relaxed when looking at our bank accounts, and I’m having fewer triggered money conversations with my husband. Thank you, Kate, for helping me transform my relationship with money!”

    Nicole Hancock
  2. “My relationship with money has been a source of stress and anxiety for years. However, ever since I started Kate’s program, I have noticed significant improvements in my finances and money habits. Thanks to Relaxed Money, I now feel more confident in my ability to increase my income and net worth, without constantly having to hustle for it. Whenever I feel stressed about money, I turn to nervous system practices that Kate taught us, helping me soothe myself and move forward with a clear and calm mindset. The course has truly changed my mindset towards money, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who wants to establish a positive and healthy relationship with their finances.”

    Ajarae Coleman

Part Two: The Outer Work

  1. Module 9

    Aligning Your Spending, Saving, and Investing With What Really Matters

    We exchange money so that we can get things that we value. And we receive money in exchange for value we’ve provided or for something we have that they value. If you’re like most, no one ever taught you how to align your finances with your values. This module will walk you through not only how to identify what really matters, but also how to make your spending, saving, and investing aligned with it so you get more of what you want.

  2. Module 10

    Creating A Loving Container for Your Money As Financial Self-Care

    We’ll walk through the elements every abundant financial management system needs. You’ll learn how to set up a system that works for you, and how to maintain and deepen it with joy.  We’ll also dive into a simple process for making financial decisions on what to buy, what to invest in, and more. Knowing how to make quick, wise decisions will save you time and energy, and help you trust yourself implicitly with money.

  3. Module 11

    Making More Money & Becoming A Money Magnet

    Money is everywhere. Learning to see and tap into it energetically and literally is a skill you can learn. You’ll learn 47 ways to generate income, many of which you’ve never heard of before, and you’ll learn a new way to see the world so you can tap into the money that’s flowing all around you at all times. You’ll make a plan to increase your income right now and see how you can access more money anytime you want.

  4. Module 12

    Invoices for Blessings Already Received (AKA What to do About Debt)

    Debt isn’t bad. How you relate to it, however, is everything. Learn a simple system for getting your debt paid off while melting away shame, guilt, or heaviness you’re holding about it. When you combine the practical system with the emotional and energetic release work, you’ll pay off your debt more easily and have more space for abundance.

  5. Module 13

    Feng Shui for Relaxed Money

    The ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui, is the closest thing to magic I’ve ever learned or taught. I’m certified as a Feng Shui Consultant and I’m going to teach you the strategies to set up your home and/or office so that it becomes a magnet for prosperity and power. Every time my clients and I implement these strategies in my own space, financial miracles happen. Every. Single. Time.

  6. Module 14

    Cyclical Money Management and Manifesting

    When we align our lives with the cycles in our bodies, nature, and the cosmos, we tap into energy and power sources that we never knew were there before. Organizing your financial tasks with either your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, or both will add rich, nutrient-dense fertilizer to your relationship with money. You’ll leave with a 4-phase cyclical plan for your financial life that you can follow for the rest of your life!

Thousands around the world have been impacted by Kate Northrup’s book and programs about money.


    Merel and Keith Kriegsman
    Business Mentors and Wealth Advocates

    Lisa Fraley
    Attorney, Sedona, AZ

    Danielle Brooker
    Coach, UK

    Ajarae Coleman
    Actor and Coach, Los Angeles, CA
  1. “I really love the way Kate uses the examples from her own life and shares her Truth. Before this, money felt like a complete stranger to me. No one around me feels real self confidence with money. After Relaxed Money, It feels like for the first time in my life someone taught me how to deal with money and to connect with money.”

    Petra Adriaanse
  2. “I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed about my finances, but signing up for the course helped me gain control and insight into my spending patterns. The Money Love Story exercise was incredibly empowering, allowing me to express gratitude for my financial journey and giving me a clearer perspective on how to move forward. The program’s flexibility and accessibility have been a game-changer, allowing me to work at my own pace without added stress. Overall, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to become a better steward of my money.”

    Kara Teising
  3. “This course changed my life. The first time I did it I realized how much healing I needed to do around childhood trauma and how that related to money fear. I’m doing it again now and and I can’t believe how different my approach is this time.”

    Maryanne Paul
  4. “I have to share that the healing that’s starting to occur around my money is phenomenal. Working the nervous system pieces and body first mantra has allowed me to be more receptive to receiving.”

    Michele Smith
  5. “Not only have I been debt free for over a year (besides our mortgage), I have been putting cushion into all of my budget categories and I am a month or more ahead on my bills. You can do this too!”

    Darnell Williams
  6. “For a long time, my financial situation stirred anxiety and my solution was to bury my head in the sand. This course taught me that having clarity in your personal finance bubble is absolutely liberating.”

    Dana E. Craig

About Your Relaxed Money Guide, Kate Northrup

In 2011, I paid off over $20,000 in debt in 6 months, tripled my income, and doubled my savings. And it wasn’t because I started a side hustle, stopped buying lattes, or some personal finance hack that helped me do it.

It was a series of unconventional steps I took, then replicated these results with 5,000+ worldwide students (since 2012) that have taken The Money Love Course, and countless others who’ve read my bestselling book “Money: A Love Story.”

Over the past decade, people have continued to share the results they’ve created. And since, I’ve gathered new financial wisdom as a mother, a provider for my family, as a homeowner, and as an investor, I’m excited to share it all with you during Relaxed Money.

I’ve also fallen in love with the nervous system and the brilliance of its ability to protect us or create expansion. My own nervous system healing since 2016 has resulted in a financial experience that’s been nothing short of miraculous and includes:

  • Working part-time while running a 7-figure business
  • Simplifying our financial management system and increasing profits by 400%
  • Maintaining financial stability while growing a family and navigating my husband’s chronic illness and inconsistent ability to work
  • Taking a 7-week sabbatical this past summer, hitting our previous year’s revenue by the end of Q3, and having the highest revenue year to date
  • And most importantly, discovering how to tap into a source of perpetual financial calm that’s independent of my earnings yet is critical to attracting ongoing abundance.

With more than a decade of practice, I’ve distilled the most important and impactful lessons into an easy-to-consume live experience.

What the Experts Are Saying About Kate:

  1. “Kate totally transformed my beliefs around fear and money.”

    Kris Carr
    NY Times Bestselling Author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen
  2. “I’ve never seen someone as clear, articulate, and downright MOTIVATING around showing women that path to financial freedom.”

    Marie Forleo
    Author of Everything is Figureoutable & Creator of B-School
  3. “Ten years ago I took my first money course with Kate Northrup. From that experience I created millions and became ME. Changed my life and how I receive and connect with money in my life.”

    Allyson Bird
    Money Mindset Strategist
  4. “Kate’s work changed my life…I went from living paycheck to paycheck to real abundance and even becoming an investor through her work.”

    Layla Martin
    Founder of VitaTM Institute
  5. “Kate’s work radically shifted my relationship with money for the better. It allowed me to loosen my grip, to soften, and for my journey with my finances to truly become a part of my self love practice.”

    Mel Wells
    bestselling author and Embodied Leadership and Intimacy Coach

Relaxed Money is for you if:

✓ You want to make more money, but you don’t want to sacrifice the things and people that matter most to you while making it

✓ You crave trusting yourself with money: you know how to make it, what to do with it when it comes in, and that you’re good with money

✓ You’ve experienced increasing your income only to increase your expenses and actually not feel more abundant as your income goes up

✓ You make great money already, but you still feel afraid and anxious

✓ You would love solid financial systems that feel really good to maintain

✓ You want to feel relaxed when it comes to money

✓ You would like to pay off debt without feeling deprived in the process

✓ You want to be on track to build, maintain, and grow lasting wealth

Here's Everything You Get With Your Course

  1. 14 Live and Interactive Modules Taught by Kate
  2. Full Course Content Access For One Year
  3. Online Community Access
  4. Monthly Group Coaching with Kate and/or Support Coaches
  5. Monthly Live Nervous System Healing Sessions

Bonus for Pay In Full Customers

First Class for Free

In this class you’ll learn my husband Mike Watts’ system for translating our everyday personal and business expenses into free hotel rooms, consistent upgrades, and First Class travel all over the world!



Miami Live Event Details (Value $1,000):

  • Learning the next steps to become a powerful steward of wealth
  • Embodiment practices for integration (like breathwork, dance, or sound healing)
  • Celebration of how far you’ve come so you can update your nervous system thermostat to expand your money capacity even more
  • Cross-pollinating with your fellow students to meet new friends, collaborators, clients, and more!
  • Using Sex Magic for Manifestation

Guest expert calls covering:

  • 5 Steps for Permanent Profitability in Your Business with Amber Dugger
  • How to Use Your Human Design Chart to Find Out What Sufficiency and Overflow Look Like According Do You Design, Needs, and Wants with Asha D Ramakrishna
  • Using Sex Magic for Manifestation



  • 14 Live and Interactive Modules Taught by Kate
  • Course Content Access For One Year
  • Year-Long Online Community May 2023 – April 2024
  • A Year of Monthly Group Relaxed Money Coaching With Kate and/or Relaxed Money Coaches
  • A Year of Monthly Nervous System Healing Calls With Tele Darden, Somatic, and Intuitive Healer
  • Live Event in Miami Q1 2024
  • Pay in Full Bonus – First Class for Free: In this class you’ll learn my husband/business partner, Mike Watts’, system for translating our everyday personal and business expenses into free hotel rooms, consistent upgrades, and First Class travel all over the world!



  • 14 Live and Interactive Modules Taught by Kate
  • Course Content Access For One Year
  • Year-Long Online Community May 2023 – April 2024
  • A Year of Monthly Group Relaxed Money Coaching With Kate and/or Relaxed Money Coaches
  • A Year of Monthly Nervous System Healing Calls With Tele Darden, Somatic, and Intuitive Healer
  • Live Event in Miami Q1 2024
  • Pay in Full Bonus – First Class for Free: In this class you’ll learn my husband/business partner, Mike Watts’, system for translating our everyday personal and business expenses into free hotel rooms, consistent upgrades, and First Class travel all over the world!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the two classes at no risk

Your purchase is 100% risk-free. We’re committed to your financial transformation and we want to make taking the first step doable for you. If you sign up, attend the first two classes and find that they’re not what you need, you’re eligible for a full refund. Refunds are available until May 12th which is the Friday after our first two live classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t come to the sessions live?

All modules will be delivered live and then available as a recording so if you can’t come live, watch the replays.

How long will I have access to the course material?

You’ll have access to all the Relaxed Money course material for a year after your purchase.

How long will each module be?

Each module is scheduled for an hour but sometimes Kate might get on a roll and go over so you might want to allow 90 minutes for each call.

What are the dates and times of the live modules?

The dates and times of the live modules are as follows. All calls will be scheduled for an hour but may occasionally go over so blocking 90 minutes is recommended. Times are in Eastern Standard Time (New York).

May 9 11am-12pm
May 12 2-3pm
May 18 12-1:30pm
May 23 3-4pm
May 25 3-4pm
May 30 3-4:30pm
June 1 3-4pm
June 6 3-4pm
June 8 10-11:30am
June 13 3-4pm
June 15 3-4pm
June 20 3-4:30pm
June 22 3-4pm
June 27 3-4pm
June 29 3-4:30pm

Will Kate answer my questions personally?

There will be opportunities to submit questions throughout the program and Kate will do her best to answer as many as possible. Please note, however, that this is a group program and we cannot guarantee that every single one of your questions will be answered personally.

What if I want a refund?

Refunds are available until May 12th. After May 12th there are no refunds.

Can I take this program with my romantic partner?

Yes! We encourage you to go through this program with your romantic partner with your same login. If you have a business partner, you’d like to have take it along with you, email us at for a special discount code for them.

More Client Stories

Financial Miracles Await!

Relaxed Money will guide you in healing your financial reality by addressing practical financial management, money mindset, your emotions, and your nervous system for a holistic transformation that works for the long-term!



-146Days -17Hours -1Minutes -30Seconds