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Ready to take wholehearted action on your big financial goals?

Turn Your Money Wisdom Into Tangible BIG Results And Build a Foundation for Lasting Wealth — In 6 Months


A 6-month accountability membership for anchoring in your new money consciousness with ongoing support, expert guidance, and community.

Stay consistent with your money practices, grow with your fellow Relaxed Money students, and get the next level of results you’re after –


Welcome to the other side, my friend!

Whether you’ve already finished the live content sessions of Relaxed Money or you’re still catching up, learning, and integrating… I want you to know that I’m SO proud of you!

And, I also know that regardless of which stage you’re at, you want to make sure that this expansive feeling that anything is possible stays with you.

If you’ve taken other programs in the past, then you’re no stranger to the rollercoaster ride of emotions that arise when you reach the finish line…

First you feel elated
like you’re on top of the whole world, ready to conquer everything that comes your way… almost as if you’d have magic powers…

Then a week or two passes and you’re like

“Wait, where did all the motivation and high energy go?”

“What am I supposed to do now? Where’s Kate and her team to advise me on the next step?”

“I feel sooooo LOST!!!”

I want you to know that this is completely normal..

(dang, I go through this ALL the time!)

and you’re NOT alone.

But I’ve also been through this process enough times to know what to do when the dark clouds of panic kick in…

I call this the Alchemy Of Fiercely Following Through.

But I’ve also been through this process enough times to know what to do when the dark clouds of panic kick in….

And it’s the secret sauce to materializing the intoxicating possibility you feel now, after graduating from Relaxed Money, into tangible results.

Because possibility is one thing.

It’s the Yin side of creating lasting abundance…

But it’s quite useless on its own.

So what’s the solution here?

How can you make sure you’ll actually follow through on all the life-changing concepts you’ve just learned?

By taking consistent, wholehearted ACTION (aka fully embracing the Yang side of this equation).

Because here’s the uncomfortable truth…

Possibility without action is just a lot of hype with no foundation.

And based on what you and your fellow Relaxed Money students shared with us in the last few weeks, we hear you say one thing very clearly:

You want to be consistent and lovingly held accountable.

… consistent with your money practices, homework, tracking, systems, nervous system healing, and other ways of integrating what you’ve learned so far so that you get the tangible results of things like:

Well, the good news is that we’ve listened (as always) and now we’re over the moon to let you know that…
*drumroll please*

We’re here to help you be CONSISTENT so that you get the next level of results you’re after – fast.

How are we gonna do that?

With a MEGA dose of support and accountability PLUS the potent power of community.

Because here’s the thing…

You have what you need in terms of knowledge and strategy inside Relaxed Money.

Now you just need to show up for yourself and your money in meaningful, aligned, and strategic ways so that your financial actions compound on each other and lay an unshakable foundation for your entire life to thrive.

By now you probably know that if you aren’t implementing and integrating what you’ve learned, you’re not going to get the kind of results you’d get if you were staying on top of your weekly Money Dates…

If this is exactly what you crave at this stage of your journey, my friend,



A 6-month accountability container to get the next level of support and results on your money healing & wealth-building journey!

This program is for you if you have every intention of doing the work in Relaxed Money, but you find yourself struggling with the consistency and confidence to show up for yourself and your money to implement what you’ve learned… This is for you if you want our dedicated team to lovingly hold you accountable as you progress on your money journey…

So are you ready?


Mike Watts

Mike Watts is the husband of Kate Northrup, and his speciality is building systems and structures. He has been behind the scenes building the business with Kate since 2013. He consults for business owners providing accountability and working through their limitations allowing them to fulfill their goals and dreams. This is what he will be helping you with in Relaxed Money Results.

TaKisha August

TaKisha August is a seasoned healer and storyteller with more than 20 years experience in nervous system wellness. She has been holding space in our company for nearly 6 years as our “Head Empress” (aka our community manager), and with connection and belonging at the heart of everything she does, TaKisha offers guidance and empathic wisdom for every kind of circumstance. As your go-to inside of Circle and our live call experiences, we know you will feel seen, heard and held as you heal your relationship with money.


$2,500 Value
$1,500 Value
$2,500 Value
$1,000 Value

Relaxed Money Results is valued at $7,500... PLUS…

When you join, you’ll also receive access to the next round of Relaxed Money starting in May 2024 (worth $2,500)!

As a Relaxed Money Results member, you’ll get a VIP seat at the next round of Relaxed Money… yup, that’s right!

As a way of acknowledging your determination to follow through no matter what, you get to join the next LIVE program as my guest: for FREE! (No, I didn’t lose my mind, I just love you SOOOO much!)

Yours FREE With Relaxed Money Results

That’s over $10,000 in total value!

And the best part?

If you join Relaxed Money Results now,
you’ll only pay a fraction of that…

You've got options my friend.

Choose which plan works best for you TODAY, so you can accelerate your journey toward impactful RESULTS!


7 monthly payments of



One easy payment of


I’ve tried so many things, but this helped me turn a page.

“I truly wanted to get a grasp on my finances. I have been self-employed most of my life as a creative and having fluctuating income has always made budgeting a struggle. I am really grateful for Relaxed Money. I have finally moved through working from a place of lack and into a place of abundance. I have tried many things to do this in the past but this time adding the somatic work with the tools and mindset work truly helped me turn a page in my multi-chaptered book called life. I know it is going to make major differences for me in my life and business.”


My income increased!

“For the first time in my entire life, I’m no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck! My income has increased, I’ve cut down on my spending, and I am taking active steps to clean up old money business I had previously ignored for the last decade.”


I look at my financial picture in a more skilful way.

“I joined Relaxed Money because I wanted to gain practical knowledge about handling money and to change my relationship with it. After completing the program, I am able to look at my total financial picture in a more skillful way.”


I’ve confronted my money fears.

“Before taking the course, I had urgent money issues and needed some tools to figure out how to deal with it. Since joining Relaxed Money, I’ve experienced positive changes such as becoming more aware of my net worth, implementing the profit first method with my studio, and using Mint to track my spending. Additionally, I was able to have more productive money conversations with my husband and gain clarity on how to work with our investment property. Overall, this course has given me the confidence to confront my money fears and take control of my finances.”


Let’s Fiercely Follow Through Together.

If you feel squirmy about showing up for yourself and your money in this way, I want to remind you that if you want different results, you need to show up differently. Because the difference between folks who call in lasting financial prosperity and those who don’t comes down to one thing:

People who get prosperous results embrace safe, loving, and expansive support to take consistent action.

We also know that a handful of vetted, money-making strategies go a very long way when combined with support and consistent action…

That’s why, as a BONUS, you’ll also get extra monthly trainings to give you the ultimate boost for increasing your earnings during Relaxed Money Results.

Each training is paired with a deep dive led by a powerful woman excelling in that particular strategy in her own business or career to help you integrate it, too (because that’s where the real magic happens! ❤️).

These trainings and deep-dive conversations are pre-recorded so you can go through them at a time that’s convenient for you, PLUS you’ll have lifetime access so you can revisit them anytime!




How to Craft Your Offerings So They Sell


How to Grow Your Email List




How to Create a Repeatable Marketing System for Clients on Demand


How to Write Magnetic Copy




How to Launch Your Product, Program, or Idea


How to Pitch Yourself to Media


The strategies in these trainings are the very things we’ve done to SCALE OUR BUSINESS TO MULTIPLE SEVEN- FIGURES, so I’m confident that they’ll skyrocket your success, too!

The fortune is in the follow-through.

We’re here with you every step of the way…



7 monthly payments of



One easy payment of


Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the calls?

The kickoff call will be held March 6th at 11am ET. All subsequent calls will be determined and announced shortly after.

While the benefits of Relaxed Money Results are in showing up live for the calls, this will be determined after the first two weeks of our sessions. You would still be required to attend at least two live calls each month.

The kickoff call will be held Wednesday, March 6th at 11am ET. All subsequent calls will be determined and announced shortly after.

Relaxed Money Results is an add-on experience to the live modules and year of support already offered inside of the program that will support you in being consistent with the teachings and tools and finally achieving your long sought after money goals once and for all.

The aim of Relaxed Money Results is to create a transformational container for accountability, consistency and community so that you not only reach your money goals, but do so with the added wisdom of Mike and the support of TaKisha every week.

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that we accurately represent income earning potential. However, there are no guarantees that you will earn a specific level of income. You accept the risk that earnings and income will vary by individual. Like any business venture, actual results will depend on many factors outside of our control, including individual abilities, effort, expertise, opportunities, market conditions, and unique circumstances. You agree we are not responsible for your earning potential, future income level, business failures or successes. You agree that past financial success by yourself, our company, or others is not a reliable indication of your future success or income earnings.

Note: Systemic financial inequities are real. We aren’t all starting on an even playing field. Relaxed Money and The Origin Company acknowledge that there are parts of the financial world that we don’t have control over (such as discrimination and racism).

What we do have agency over, though is who we choose to work with, where we choose to spend and invest our money, and how we show up in our relationship to our money.

This program focuses on the parts of our financial reality we have agency over (such as our emotions, our nervous system, and our personal financial management systems) and the curriculum is rooted in individual healing and the ways it can impact the collective positively.