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Relaxed Money

Rewire your
Relationship with Money

Heal your Financial Legacy & Create Lasting Abundance

Relaxed Money Sounds like a PERFECT Fit for Me!

When You Think About Managing Your Money, Do You Feel

or excited?

If you fall into Camp Anxiety: welcome to the club. Most people (even the outwardly “successful” ones) are in it… For good reasons.

Maybe you’ve told yourself that….

You’re “bad” with money. You can’t be trusted with it

It’s easier to aim for less because it’s “safer”

I’m a visionary— it’s not my job to deal with money

If I want to make more, I have to work harder for it

I’ll never figure out how to save

And you know it’s not just
your mindset — there’s proof, right?

Unexpected tax bills hit your mailbox… And you freak out.

Credit card statements start mounting… And it feels like it’ll never end.

College for your kids is looming… And there’s not much in their account.

Spending money on things you love feels great… And you *also* feel guilty and hide them from your family.

Oh, and it hasn’t helped that we’ve weathered a pandemic, ever-changing leadership, natural disasters, and more in the last few years.
There’s Good News,
And There’s Even Better News...

The better news? You can actually shift your entire relationship with money…

…By understanding how to work with your nervous system (more on that in a sec!).

Let me explain why:

It’s not your fault if when it comes to money, you feel
All. Over. The. Place.

We weren’t taught basic skills in high school — like cooking, grocery shopping… Not to mention, managing a credit card.

For many of us, our parents weren’t the best role models either… Because they were just figuring it out day by day, in total survival mode.

And to boot?

Money is so taboo, and yet we’re supposed to know how to handle it!

It’s NO surprise, then, that we constantly end up in a reactive mode created by an unregulated nervous system.

If the thought of managing your bills, organizing your business finances, paying down debt, investing, or knowing exactly where your money goes makes your heart beat faster—these are ALL signs that you’re living in this state of financial dysregulation.

Inhale. Exhale. Place your palm over your heart...

…By understanding how to work with your nervous system (more on that in a sec!).
It’s true: there is SO much we have no control over, and there’s tons of knowledge we haven’t had access to up until now. What if NOW is *your* time to take ownership of the things you DO have control over—like your money?

Have you been feeling like the signs are all pointing towards… “It’s time to ACTUALLY figure this out, for real?”

(If you’ve recently experienced unexpected financial chaos or gravitated towards financial leadership… Those glimmers are telling you to pay attention!)

With your permission, I would LOVE to share my approach to healing your relationship with money, and help you transform it to be healthier and happier — so no matter what challenges come your way, your mind, body, *and* bank account will be equipped to support you.

So, What’s The Solution?

Thousands Around the Globe Are Paying Off Debt, Implementing Systems that Serve Them, Increasing Their Income, and Calling In Abundance In a New Way Without Working Themselves Into the Ground

What’s the new way?

Getting into a relaxed state around money.

When we understand our money stories… When we regulate our nervous system… When we align with our natural cycles…

… We allow ourselves to make informed decisions and find new solutions.

Put simply, we start to view money through the lens of joy, possibility, and expansion—one you can pass down to your own kids or share with your loved ones.

That means that instead of holding your breath when facing your bank accounts or preparing for a fight before starting money conversations with your spouse, you might find yourself:

Lovingly logging your daily expenses

Setting money "dates" to view your finances

Making decisions for your business with clarity

…Not to mention having a solid retirement plan, savings for kids’ college education in the bank and taking them to Disney World in between (or yourself to Paris!).

If you’re thinking, “Kate, this sounds like a dream— not even close to my reality!”—well, then let’s dare to dream.

You DESERVE a life where your head hits your pillow every single night without worrying about money.

When you know how to relax when it comes to money, you can navigate whatever comes your way (challenging client situations, layoffs, market volatility, divorce) with all of your wits about you, the ability to make smart, powerful decisions, and the capacity to take aligned action.

Cultivate a relationship of relaxation with money, and you’ll operate from a place of peace and abundance — knowing you have what you need, and you can get more anytime you want.

Relaxed Money Sounds like a PERFECT Fit for Me!

Feeling A Sense Of “Yes, I Need This”? Then Let’s Get Into The Nitty-gritty Details:

When You Prioritize Your Inner & Outer Work, Your Whole Financial Picture Will Come Into Focus.

(AKA: you won’t be waiting until you “get there” or make more to feel peaceful and confident about your money).

With your permission, I’d love to show you HOW…

Inner Work:

Outer Work:


Relaxed Money

A LIVE, 13-week online program with LIVE teaching, community, and support.

Finally, you’ll find lasting safety, peace and relaxation around money so that you can become a magnet for abundance.

Together, we’ll upgrade your money mindset, create new emotional blueprints around money, heal your nervous system in relation to receiving and expanding, put practical financial systems in place, get your money working for you, and so much more!

Say no more - this is JUST what I need! I want in!

This Is For Ambitious People Who Want To Make, Grow, Save, And Give More Money — While Feeling Totally At Peace.

This is for:

Entrepreneurs who want to feel relaxed while growing their revenue.

Executives who want to trust themselves with money.

Creatives who want to know they can always take care of themselves and their families with surplus.

Leaders in the home who want to pass along a healthy money legacy to their kids.

Ambitious humans who’re ready for the level of financial success they have (or have the potential for) on the outside to match the level of financial power and ease they feel on the inside.

When you join Relaxed Money, you’ll learn how to:

Clarify what you do and do not have agency over, so you can break free from inherited money patterns that are within your control (like thinking “I’ll never be good with money”) and avoid passing them along to the next generation.

Expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive and savor abundance so that you become an energetic match for continued and expanded prosperity and pleasure.

Create financial systems that are actually fun to maintain and set you up to really trust yourself with money.

Set and get on track with short and long-term financial goals.

Finally, find a sense of mastery over your financial present and future—with the tools, practices, systems *and* community to help you navigate any challenges that come your way

Here’s what Relaxed Money includes:

13 Live & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate

(Value: $4,050)

Lifetime Course Content Access

(Value: $3,000)

Exclusive invitation & discounted pricing for the next Relaxed Money LIVE Event

(Value: $2,000)

Our 6 Most Popular Wealth - Accelerating Bonus Courses

(Value: $1,898)

YES! I Need to Rewire My Money Beliefs with Kate!

Transform Your Relationship
With Money—Forever.

Pillar One

Fixing Your Financial Foundation

Module 1

Money & Your Nervous System

The missing piece of the financial wellness world is the nervous system! Your body has a set point for how much abundance you feel safe experiencing, and this set point overrides the actions you take. Fortunately, you can change the setting through specific practices that will first help you feel safe, and then expand your capacity to experience financial abundance. (They expand your ability to experience joy, calm, and pleasure, too!)

Includes these 5 resources:

Money Clarity Worksheet | Financial Snapshot | Spending Plan Template | Expanding Your Range of Resonance | The Cycle of Money Creation

Module 2

Money & Your Emotions

Burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion aren’t always a result of having too much to do. A leading cause of these feelings is actually being conditioned to stuff your emotions and not metabolize them properly. You know what can bring up a lot of emotions? Money! We’ll learn a variety of techniques to productively metabolize your emotions so that you free yourself from financial fear, overwhelm, anxiety and avoidance.

Includes these 2 resources:

The Relaxed Money Activation Process | Emotional Metabolism Practice

Module 3

Rewiring Your Money Beliefs

Uncover the conscious and, most importantly, unconscious money beliefs that are keeping you from being in charge of your money (while growing it) and get you on the path to creating a financial reality that’s in alignment with your desires. Discover how you can use your energy and agency to consciously create the money reality you desire instead of unconsciously living out past programming.

Includes this resource:

Rewire Your Money Beliefs Process

Module 4

Rewriting Your Money Story

Your history with money will continue to create your present and future unless you consciously interrupt the pattern. We’ll first lay the foundations of understanding your money story and using it to rewire and rewrite a new money story. Then we’ll build on it so you can release resentments, liberate yourself and others through forgiveness, and alchemize your money story into something truly beautiful that you’re proud of and excited to continue to write every day.

Includes this resource:

Money Love Story Writing Guide

Pillar Two

Aligning with Abundance

Module 5

Manifestation Reimagined

Learn how to use your body as an energy conductor to magnetize abundance. Did you know that according to quantum physics all matter, including your body, is simply energy? When we change our emotional and nervous system state from one of constriction to relaxation, we also change our energetic vibration. When we change our vibration, we show up in the world completely differently, and we attract and create new, abundant experiences.

Includes this resource:

7 Steps to Money Manifestation

Module 6

Your Money Makeover

How we do things matters just as much, if not more, than what we do. We’ll make a map of the tasks, financial professionals, accounts, income streams, assets, liabilities, and everything else that goes into our financial lives and give it an abundance makeover. And don’t worry: this is practical stuff, not just energetics. You’ll learn how you can upgrade your state of being in daily, doable, and practical ways that enhance your finances.

Includes this Resource:

Abundance Audit

Module 7

Money, Sex & Power

Making or having the most money doesn’t necessarily give you the most financial power. Something else does. (Hint: It has to do with Source.) And the good news is you can access it no matter the state of your bank account or balance sheet. Imagine what would be possible for you if you knew you had access to financial power 24/7 and you knew how to use it to create the life you want. After this module you’ll be able to step into that power. (This module also addresses structural and systemic inequities and how we can acknowledge them while also co-creating the reality we desire.)

Includes this resource:

Money & Power Journaling Exercise

Pillar Three

Masterful Money Stewardship

Module 8

Finding Your Enough Number

What makes each of us feel abundant is unique. We exchange money so that we can get things that we value. And we receive money in exchange for the value we’ve provided or for something we have that they value. If you’re like most, no one ever taught you how to align your finances with your values. This module will walk you through not only how to identify what really matters, but also how to make your spending, saving, and investing aligned with it so you get more of what you want. We’ll walk through a process to identify what you actually need to feel like there’s finally enough and you’re living your rich life confidently. We’ll also dive into a simple process for making financial decisions on what to buy, what to invest in, and more. Knowing how to make quick, wise decisions will save you time and energy, and help you trust yourself implicitly with money. You’ll also craft your original Abundance Agreements.

Includes these 4 resources:

Peak Experience Exercise | Aligning Your Spending With Your Values Process | Abundance Agreements Worksheet | Your Enough Number Calculator

Module 9

Cashflow Management

We’ll walk through the elements you need in your abundant cashflow management system. You’ll learn how to set up this system so it works for you, and how to maintain and deepen it with joy. You’ll identify and plug any money leaks and learn the anatomy of a Money Love Date. Plus, you’ll be set up to manage your money joyfully with your partner (if you have one) and a system to teach your kids to steward their money well if you’re a parent.

Includes these 5 resources:

Relaxed Money Management System | Financial Self-Care Checklist | Money Love Date Checklist | How to Teach Your Kids About Money | Color By Number Income Distribution Template

Module 10

Making More Money & Becoming A Money Magnet

Money is everywhere. Learning to see and tap into it energetically and literally is a skill you can learn. You’ll learn 47 ways to generate income, many of which you’ve never heard of before, and you’ll learn a new way to see the world so you can tap into the money that’s flowing all around you at all times. You’ll make a plan to increase your income right now and see how you can access more money anytime you want. Finally, you’ll be introduced to ways to make money that don’t require trading hours for dollars.

Includes these 2 resource:

50 Ways to Make More Money  | Cashflow Quadrant

Module 11

Invoices for Blessings Already Received (AKA Breaking the Debt Cycle)

Debt isn’t bad. How you relate to it, however, is everything. Learn a simple system for getting your debt paid off while melting away shame, guilt, or heaviness you’re holding about it. When you combine the practical system with the emotional and energetic release work, you’ll pay off your debt more easily and have more space for abundance. We’ll also dive into how to use debt in a positive way to increase your financial leverage.

Includes these 3 resources:

Debt Elimination Prioritization Worksheet | The Financial Forgiveness Process and Prayer | Invoices for Blessings Already Received Alchemy Process

Module 12

Cycle Sync Your Money

When we align our lives with the cycles in our bodies, nature, and the cosmos, we tap into energy and power sources that we never knew were there before. Organizing your financial tasks with either your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, or both will add rich, nutrient-dense fertilizer to your relationship with money. You’ll leave with a 4-phase cyclical plan for your financial life that you can follow for the rest of your life!

Includes these 2 resource:

Cyclical Money Management  | Money Love Practices

Module 13

Wealth Secrets

We can’t be what we can’t see so this module is pulling back the curtain. There are ways that are accessible to you now to get your money making more money for you and the sooner you start, the more you can take advantage of them. Learn some of the common and lesser known strategies people building true wealth use to keep, grow, and pass along their assets. Discover the wonder of compounding interest, the pros and cons of different investment vehicles, and start to think and act rich to grow your abundance.

Includes these 2 resources:

Freedom Number Calculator | 8 Ways To Get Your Money Working For You

Bonus Module

Feng Shui for Relaxed Money

The ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui, is the closest thing to magic I’ve ever learned or taught. I’m certified as a Feng Shui Consultant and I’m going to teach you the strategies to set up your home and/or office so that it becomes a magnet for prosperity and power. Every time my clients and I implement these strategies in my own space, financial miracles happen. Every. Single. Time.

Includes this resource:

Feng Shui for Abundance Workbook

I’m SO ready to Align with Abundance!

The Impact On Our Collective Community Spans The Globe—And Changes Lives.

Hi! I’m Kate Northrup, Your Relaxed Money Guide, Bestselling Author & Emotional Alchemist.

In 2011, I paid off over $20,000 in debt in 6 months, tripled my income, and doubled my savings. And it wasn’t because I started a side hustle, stopped buying lattes, or implemented some personal finance hack.

It was a series of unconventional steps I took, then replicated these results with 5,000+ worldwide students (since 2012) who have taken The Money Love Course, and countless others who’ve read my bestselling book “Money: A Love Story.”

Over the past decade, people have continued to share the results they’ve created. And since then, I’ve gathered new financial wisdom as a mother, a provider for my family, as a homeowner, and as an investor.

And just like you, I’ve also had my share of unexpected challenges that forced me to shift my thinking and way of being.

When my husband got sick in 2021, we found ourselves stretched thin—we were paying for two households in Maine and Miami, shifting schools for our kids, and suddenly:

much of the parenting and money making landed on my shoulders.

(Note: I acknowledge that I was already in a privileged position where our basic needs were being met.)

Even though I’d taught others how to take steps to fall in love with their money for years, with the added pressure of the pandemic and personal challenges, I’ll be real with you: I realized financial pressure had started to become a motivator for me along the way.

I just didn’t know who I’d be without the pressure.

That’s when I knew there was something deeper that I needed to uncover—and I did. For 90 days, I ran an experiment where I wouldn’t give myself permission to feel financial pressure… And relax instead.

Everything turned around almost instantly. We met all our financial goals, took stress off the table, and making money actually became EASIER. And now:

I don’t just have a love story with money: I have one with my nervous system, too.

I’m obsessed with the brilliance of its ability to protect us or create expansion. My own nervous system healing since 2016 has resulted in a financial experience that’s been nothing short of miraculous and includes:

Working part-time while running a 7-figure business

Simplifying our financial management system and increasing profits by 4X

Maintaining financial stability while growing a family and navigating my husband’s chronic illness and inconsistent ability to work

Taking a 7-week sabbatical this past summer, hitting our previous year’s revenue by the end of Q3, and having the highest revenue year to date

Folks often tell me I can make the most complicated things simple, doable, and approachable—and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Relaxed Money.

There’s no silver bullet, magic trick or shortcut: this is deep and expansive work, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science. With more than a decade of practice, I’ve distilled the most important and impactful lessons about money into an easy-to-consume live experience, and I am so excited to share it with you.

Success Stories From People Who Have Already Transformed Their Money Relationships with Relaxed Money



PLUS, You Also Get...

Course Content Access For Lifetime

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Go through all the material with me LIVE and then keep it at your fingertips FOREVER so you can revisit the lessons for rich digestion and integration.

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As a Relaxed Money student, you’ll get access to exclusive discounted pricing for the next run of Relaxed Money LIVE, where we’ll spend the day together in beautiful Miami integrating, celebrating, connecting and taking the next steps from where the Relaxed Money curriculum leaves off.

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No More Money Meltdowns
Heal your nervous system to unblock your earning potential and start manifesting abundance on autopilot. Have you ever thought to yourself… “I have good ideas, I’m hard-working, why am I stuck at a tiny fraction of what I could be earning?”

Dive into this 4-part starter course includes three lessons on mindset, energetics, and emotions and one lesson on money management as an enhancement to your experience in Relaxed Money. ($388 Value)
Wide Receiver

Restore your relationship with money and claim the bounty with your name on it in this 3-part money healing and expansion workshop! First dive into The Surprising Key to Relaxed Money Manifestation. Then, receive Your Next Step To Financial Confidence, Clarity, and Magnetism. Finally, bring it all together with the 3 Pillars of the Relaxed Money Blueprint. ($597 Value)

Money Map Quickie

Dive into this 30-minute session to get a quick and safe picture of where you stand financially right now in terms of your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Then, receive a clear vision for your money for the rest of 2024 so that you can direct your energy in the right direction from here on through the end of the year. Finally, create a map of how to get from your current financial place to your financial vision. You’ll walk away from this super short and sweet, yet powerful workshop with a clear picture of where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. ($197 Value)

40-Day Abundance Accelerator Practice

Use this 40-day meditation practice to totally transform your experience of abundance and plug into your true Source of abundance. ($222 Value)

82 Revenue Generating Ideas

Immediately implement the ideas on this list that make sense for you to start recouping your investment in Relaxed Money right away! ($197 Value)

5 Strategies for Permanent Profitability Masterclass

with Amber Dugger

How would it feel to know exactly where your money is going and pay yourself consistently (even with variable revenue)…all while keeping more money in the bank? Here’s what you’ll learn in this mind-blowing session:

  • The end goal that most people miss when it comes to finances (this will blow you away)
  • How to release shame and guilt around money
  • 5 easy steps to a permanently profitable and sustainable business (without the rice and beans)
  • How to navigate 2024 and beyond as we move into a new era of business (authenticity has always been key but is now a non-negotiable)
  • How to apply Profit First to your variable income business ($297 Value)

A Brand-New Masterclass with
Farnoosh Torabi

PLUS…Becoming a Savvy Investor Masterclass with Farnoosh Torabi

Join the host of the award winning show So Money, personal finance expert, and bestselling author. Learn how to get your money working for you no matter where you’re starting or how far you’ve come!

All the Ongoing Support You’ll Need Throughout the Program, including:
(worth over $11,400!)

An Entire Year of Group Relaxed Money Coaching with Kate

Until May 3rd, you can get access to an ENTIRE year of exclusive monthly group coaching sessions with Kate. That’s right… after the 13 LIVE & interactive modules wrap up, you’ll still be able to get direct access to Kate via regular group money coaching and Q&A calls over 12 months.

(Value: $6,000)

Monthly Live Nervous System Healing Sessions with our resident Somatic Expert, Sarah Tacy

Discover high-payoff regulation techniques to help you create expanded capacity in your nervous system to receive more abundance with ease!

(Value: $2,400)

24/7 Access to our online Relaxed Money Community for Support, Networking, and Co-Regulation

What’s more, we’ll also add you to a private online community space hosted by our Head Empress of Community TaKisha August, where you can connect with your fellow Relaxed Money students, get any burning questions answered by our Relaxed Money team, and receive the practical, 24/7 support you need to stay motivated on the transformative journey to growing your money, stress-free.

6-Part Wealth Stewardship Expert Series

Learn directly from the folks me and my husband, Mike Watts, work with to manage and grow our money! You’ll get access to a series of presentations and interviews facilitated by me, Mike, and our money savants to help you optimize your financial planning, spending, saving, and more to create true freedom and lasting wealth.

(Value: $997)

Make Your First $3K and Beyond on FB Marketplace and eBay with my husband and business partner, Mike Watts

Did you know you can use FB Marketplace and eBay to earn more money? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn my salesman extraordinaire husband’s trade secrets to bring in consistent extra cash every month using just Marketplace and eBay — and discover what you need to do to make your first $3K!

(Value: $597)

Relaxed Money Live Event Recordings

Soak in the abundance of transformational wisdom for your money life from our inaugural Relaxed Money Live Event in February of 2024. The recordings include nervous system healing practices, insights from Kate on money healing, a talk on how your Human Design and Vedic Astrology can point you towards your unique paths to abundance from Asha Ramakrishna, an original vibrational healing story experience from Christina Pearce. The day was magnificent and you get to relive it!

(Value: $500)

4 Live Q&As with Kate

Go deeper into the 13 Modules and get Kate’s help moving through any stuck points during the content delivery with 4 Live Q&A’s. If you can’t come live, you can submit your questions ahead of time!

(Value: $497)

4 Live Coaching Calls for Relaxed Money Men with Mike Watts

Are you a man taking Relaxed Money solo or are you taking Relaxed Money with a male partner? We’ve got you covered! Money brings up different things for different genders so my husband/business/financial partner Mike Watts will be supporting the men in Relaxed Money with these live sessions. If you can’t come live, you can submit your questions ahead of time!

(Value: $497)

Nervous System Healing Toolkit

Anytime you’re feeling dysregulated or want to expand your capacity to receive even more, dive into the Nervous System Healing Toolkit where you’ll find videos of different Nervous System Healing Drills/Practices to move you into a parasympathetic, regulated state. Return to the tools over and over again and build your daily practice with your favorites!

(Value: $197)

Here’s everything
Relaxed Money Includes:

Course Materials, Content, and Support Valued Over $22,645

This is the only LIVE
cohort in 2024!

Join Us To Heal Your Financial Legacy, Learn To Trust Money, And Build The Foundation For Lasting Wealth.

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I’m SO ready to Align with Abundance!

Group Coaching is a Fast Track to Success – It Transformed These People’s Lives!

Your Investment

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$525 Six-Monthly Payments of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Best Value

$3,000 One Easy Payment of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Most Flexible

6 Monthly
Payments of $525
- OR -
12 Monthly
Payments of $297
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Best Value

$3,000 One Easy Payment of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Try The First Two Weeks
at No Risk:

Your purchase is 100% risk-free. We’re committed to your financial transformation and we want to make taking the first step doable for you. If you sign up, attend the first two weeks of classes (which includes 2 live modules) and find that they’re not what you need, you’re eligible for a full refund. Refunds are available until May 17 at 11:59pm ET which is the Friday after our first two live classes.

Still Wondering If Relaxed Money Is What You Need *Right* Now, At This Moment?

Relaxed Money is not for you if:

  • You’re struggling to meet your basic financial needs like food and shelter
  • You don’t believe the inner work is relevant to managing your finances
  • You’re dealing with an extreme financial challenge so that investing in this program would create food or housing instability for you

(While this program *can* help you in the future, THIS is not the time. I encourage you to focus on reaching a place of stability before investing in a program like this.)

Relaxed Money is for you if:

  • You make great money already, but you still feel afraid and anxious
  • You want to feel as powerful in your relationship with money as you appear on the outside
  • You want to make more money, but you don’t want to sacrifice the things and people that matter most to you in the process
  • You crave trusting yourself with money: you know how to make it, what to do with it when it comes in, and that you’re good with money
  • You’ve experienced increasing your income only to increase your expenses and actually not feel more abundant as your income goes up
  • You would love solid financial systems that feel really good to maintain
  • You want to feel relaxed when it comes to money
  • You would like to pay off debt without feeling deprived in the process
  • You want to feel in control of your finances instead of waiting for the next big client, deal or windfall
  • You want to be on track to build, maintain, and grow lasting wealth

Before you tell yourself, “maybe I’ll try this another time”— slide into the driver’s seat with me for a moment.

Take the wheel. Take a breath. Imagine that in this moment, you have full and total control of your finances *and* your emotions.

When you look at your bank account later today, your heart rate won’t go up. When you look at your calendar, it’s filled with less work. (But you’re making more money.) When an emergency happens and you need savings to dip into, you have it. Doesn’t that feel deliciously good?

Here’s why: When you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your financial life, you truly hold *power*.

And when we get comfortable in the backseat, we let ourselves be controlled: by our nervous system, by the people around us, by our work—anything can knock us off balance. That sense of power starts leaking everywhere, which is why even the most successful careers can have the messiest credit card statements.

How much could be amplified if we took our money *and* the energetics behind it seriously?That’s what I want to show you. Relaxed Money isn’t just about making more money. It’s about giving you the gift of choice.

When you want something, you have the confidence to go for it… And money won’t be the primary deciding factor. You can book that flight to Florence for summer vacation. You can send your kid to the best school in your neighborhood. You can buy your parents their dream home. You can take your family to beautiful dinners they’ll remember forever. You can build your golden nest egg and be on track to be work optional sooner rather than later. You can write a check to a values-aligned organization you love.

Wherever your priorities lie, this system gives you the choice to invest in them —with safety and confidence. If you’ve read this far, chances are, you’re ready to really and truly transform your relationship with money. I’m handing you the map to get you started, right now.

Start the ignition, and let’s hit the road together. It’s your time.

Our Community Celebrates Money Miracles ALL The Time. See For Yourself!

Your Investment

Most Flexible

$525 or $297 6 or 12 Monthly
Payments of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Best Value

$3,000 One Easy Payment of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Most Flexible

6 Monthly
Payments of $525
- OR -
12 Monthly
Payments of $297
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Best Value

$3,000 One Easy Payment of
  • 13 LIVE & Interactive Modules Taught by Kate (Value: $4,050)
  • Lifetime Course Content Access (Value: $3,000)
  • 13 Weeks of Virtual Relaxed Money Community in Circle (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Invitation and 50% Off Pricing for the Next Relaxed Money Live Event
  • Our 6 Most Popular Wealth- Accelerating Bonus Courses (Value: $1,898)
  • Exclusive Wealth Building Connections and Resources (Priceless)

Try The First Two Weeks
at No Risk:

Your purchase is 100% risk-free. We’re committed to your financial transformation and we want to make taking the first step doable for you. If you sign up, attend the first two weeks of classes (which includes 2 live modules) and find that they’re not what you need, you’re eligible for a full refund. Refunds are available until May 17 at 11:59pm ET which is the Friday after our first two live classes.


What if I can’t come to the sessions live?

All modules will be delivered live and then available as a recording, so if you can’t attend live, you can watch the replays. You’ll have lifetime access to the course material.

You’ll have an entire year to go through the program material at a pace that works for you and your lifestyle.

Each module is scheduled for an hour, but sometimes Kate gets on a roll and goes over, so you might want to allow 60-90 minutes for each call.

The dates and times of the live modules are as follows. All calls will be scheduled for an hour but may occasionally go over, so blocking 90 minutes is recommended. Times are in Eastern Standard Time (New York). Please note that on rare occasions, a call date/time needs to change due to Kate’s schedule. We’ll give you as much advanced notice as possible should that happen, and we appreciate your grace and understanding.

May 8

12 pm – 1 pm

May 15

12 pm – 1 pm

May 22

12 pm – 1 pm

May 29

12 pm – 1 pm

Jun 7

1 pm – 2 pm

Jun 12

12 pm – 1 pm

Jun 19

12 pm – 1 pm

Jun 26

12 pm – 1 pm

Jul 10

12 pm-1 pm

Jul 17

12 pm – 1 pm

Jul 24

12 pm – 1 pm

Jul 31

12 pm – 1 pm

Aug 7

12 pm – 1 pm

There will be opportunities to submit questions throughout the program, and Kate will do her best to answer as many as possible. Please note, however, that this is a group program and we cannot guarantee that every single one of your questions will be answered personally.

Yes! We encourage you to go through this program with your romantic partner with your same login. 

It’s a valid question—after all, financial advisors offer valuable expertise in managing your money. But, Relaxed Money offers something beyond conventional financial advice. Here’s how we stand apart:

  1. Holistic Approach: While financial advisors primarily focus on optimizing your financial portfolio, Relaxed Money takes a holistic approach that addresses both the inner and outer aspects of your relationship with money. The problem is – if your financial situation changes but you don’t do the inner work, you will still find yourself repeating the same cycles over and over – even if you have a different dollar amount in the bank. Relaxed Money is here to help you break cycles by taking a deep look at both your inner and outer financial life, so you can not only have more money in the bank, but you can feel more comfortable spending it, too.
  2. Nervous System Support: Money is deeply intertwined with emotions and beliefs. Unlike traditional financial advisors who may overlook this aspect, Relaxed Money is deeply rooted in nervous system support that will help you rewire limiting beliefs, heal past money wounds, and cultivate a  brand new relationship with money. 

3. Community and Support: Unlike one-on-one interactions with a financial advisor, Relaxed Money offers a vibrant community of like-minded humans on the same journey. You’ll have access to ongoing support, encouragement, and inspiration from fellow participants, creating a supportive environment that fuels your growth and transformation. True healing best happens in community.

While we can’t speak to all of the other financial programs on the market, Relaxed Money offers a unique, nervous system-based approach that will provide you will the tools you need to help you rise into each new financial threshold that you grow into. 

These tools are invaluable, no matter what your financial situation currently is and you will be able to come back to these exercises again and again as you continue to break into new financial paradigms.

Relaxed Money is not a “one and done” solution, but is a robust program designed to give you tools that you can use to manage your money, grow into new levels of wealth, and change the way you *feel* about money – and these tools can be used for the rest of your life. 

The community aspect of Relaxed Money also really sets us apart. Inside of Relaxed Money, you will be held by other like-minded individuals who are on the same path. Growth can happen so much faster when you’re doing it with others.

We understand that making an investment like this sometimes requires a deep conversation with your partner. Don’t forget, you are welcome to have your partner do the program with you, too! You can use the same login. 

If you need to involve your partner in this decision, here’s how you can approach it:

  1. Shared Vision: Start by discussing your shared vision for your financial future. Highlight the goals and aspirations you both have, whether it’s achieving financial freedom, providing for your family, or creating a legacy. Relaxed Money is not just about individual growth; it’s about building a foundation for your shared dreams and aspirations. Get grounded in the future that you want to build together.  
  2. Mutual Benefits: Emphasize the mutual benefits of joining Relaxed Money. This program isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about strengthening your relationship and achieving collective financial success. By working together, you’ll deepen your connection, enhance communication around money matters, and support each other’s growth and transformation.
  3. Share Success Stories: Share testimonials and success stories from individuals or couples who have benefited from Relaxed Money. Hearing about real-life experiences can provide reassurance and inspiration, demonstrating the program’s effectiveness in transforming lives and relationships. We have hundreds of testimonials on the sales page and in the Facebook group that you can share. 

Approach the conversation with empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to align your financial goals and values. Together, you can embark on a transformative journey towards financial peace, confidence, and abundance with Relaxed Money.

What’s better than leveling up your financial life with your partner?

Success Stories From People Who Have Already Transformed Their Money Relationships with Relaxed Money

I’m SO ready to Align with Abundance!

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that we accurately represent income-earning potential. However, there are no guarantees that you will earn a specific level of income. You accept the risk that earnings and income will vary by individual. Like any business venture, actual results will depend on many factors outside of our control, including individual abilities, effort, expertise, opportunities, market conditions, and unique circumstances. You agree we are not responsible for your earning potential, future income level, business failures or successes. You agree that past financial success by yourself, our company, or others is not a reliable indication of your future success or income earnings.

Note: Systemic financial inequities are real. We aren’t all starting on an even playing field. Relaxed Money and Northrup Watts, LLC acknowledge that there are parts of the financial world that we don’t have control over (such as discrimination and racism).

What we do have agency over, though is who we choose to work with, where we choose to spend and invest our money, and how we show up in our relationship to our money.

This program focuses on the parts of our financial reality we have agency over (such as our emotions, our nervous system, and our personal financial management systems) and the curriculum is rooted in individual healing and the ways it can impact the collective positively.